What Makes Christina Ideally Suited to Help You Reach Your Goals?

My journey has not always been as smooth as it may have seemed like to others. At the age of 30 my life looked like ”the picture of success” – a great career, a beautiful home, lots of friends, travels around the world and a great marriage. It looked like I couldn’t ask for more, but on the inside I was hurting. My mind was overwhelmed with frustration and I started asking myself ”is this it”?

My life was a mess

Although we may differ in the details, I’m willing to bet, you and I share certain experiences and challenges, some of which you may still face today. I was in a job working 60 to 80 hours per week, travelling 90% of my time, being so exhausted when I came home there was no energy left. Maybe you’ve worked that hard in the past (or you’re doing it right now?), and your felt as though your life was about to crack – well, so did I. My emotional life was a mess, strained to its limit. And I so much wanted a baby, but my marriage was breaking down.

On the outside, it seemed like I had an amazing life, but I was living a life without listening to my own voice or setting my own goals. I kept on doing everything that was expected of me, but I did it without any type of reflection on what I really wanted. I was living the life I’d been conditioned to strive for.

Background matters

I grew up in a nice family, but it was a demanding family with high-achievers… and all my life I had been driven by other people’s high expectations. I started school one year early, and was sent away to boarding school in England at the tender age of 12. The decision, of course, was not mine – and I was totally homesick, crying myself to sleep each night. By the time my parents visited at mid-term, I had made up my mind to go home, and was waiting for them with my bags already packed. But my father ruled that I was to stay. The last thing he said was, “If you accomplish this, you will be able to accomplish anything in life.” So I stayed.

I attended high school in the United States, and after graduating, I was accepted as the youngest student to the Stockholm School of Economics which is like Harvard of Scandinavia – where the highest grades are required. Once again, I was doing everything that was expected of me. But were these my goals or somebody else’s? Was it just the fact that, in my family, “everybody” had gone to that very same school, and many of my friends wanted to go there? I kept on doing everything that was expected of me and I did it without any type of reflection on what I really wanted. If I can save you having to go through the same painful situation, I will.

Big, bold … and SCARY (But, oh – the POWER!)

On one of my business trips, I met with a colleague and told him my story. He gave me a book on personal development and, for the first time, I started to reflect on my situation and my life. That was my turning point.

I passionately dedicated myself to study books on personal development, determined to change my life. I finally realized I had to take active responsibility for my life. For the first time, I set goals that were truly my own, not influenced by others. They were big. They were bold. And they were even scary. But they were mine, and they gave me a feeling of power I had never felt before, so I called them my Power Goals.

What next?

Around the same time I decided to visit my brother in San Fransisco and I stumbled upon coaching. In 2001 coaching was not heard of in Sweden where I’m from but after finding out more I realized it would be a perfect tool for business. With my background it felt to me like a match ”made in heaven”.

After studying at CTI, the largest and oldest coach training school in the world and also training with great leaders such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Peggy McCall, Jeff Walker and many more, I realized there was no clear process or framework to hold on to. That’s when I developed my own process for Executive Coaching. I called it the Power Goals process, working with clear steps to make it easy to both set and achieve big, life-changing goals.

My Power Goals

In 2002 I decided to quit my job and start my coaching business. The Power Goals process soon proved to be highly effective for top executives. A few years ago I realised the process was equally effective for people from all walks of life.  To prove it, I decided to share my knowledge about Power Goals and write a book. My own Power Goal was to make the book a bestseller, to write it in English (even though my first language is Swedish), get it published in the United States (despite the fact that I had no contacts in the publishing industry) and I wanted the famous Bob Proctor to write the foreword.

Honestly, this was a Power Goal so big and so scary I didn’t even believe it myself. But that is really what a Power Goal is all about – to define a goal so big you have never come close to it before, but something you desire so much you’re willing to do anything to reach it.

I started working on achieving my Power Goal and a year and a half later my book was published in the US, Bob Proctor wrote an amazing foreword and it became a #1 International bestseller on Amazon in the US, India, Canada and the UK – all at the same time. Yippiii!!!!

You can also achieve your Power Goals

That’s what this is all about. If I can write a book and make it an International Bestseller, this proves anyone can achieve life-changing goals with the help of the Power Goals Process.

Power Goals can totally change your life and I want you to reach your Power Goals – because I know you can.

Welcome to Power Goals Academy and 7 Steps to Success – and congratulations to taking your first steps to demystify the process of setting and achieving your biggest goals.

To your success!

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