Power Goals Academy

Have You Ever Had Thoughts Like These?

… then maybe it’s time for you to experience the life-changing transformation of making your own POWER GOALS?

Love yourself enough to take this seriously

The best you can do for the world is to do the best for you. Loving yourself is the key to all other life principles. 

Power Goals Academy explains how you can start working on becoming the best version of yourself, using your full potential, faster than you ever thought possible. We teach you the secrets behind setting—and achieving—your greatest ambitions. And becoming the best YOU in the process. You’ll be able to do more. Be more. Have more and give more – in all aspects of your life!

Make sure that you are the most important person in your life. When you say YES to you – that’s self love. 

Maybe it’s time you got a little help?

Let’s face it – no one who achieves great things does it alone – we all need some help now and then, some guidance to get us on the right track, and keep us there.

In Power Goals Academy I’m going to show you how you can get what you really, really want. You’ll get a step-by-step process, a framework to hold on to.

I will guide and empower you through the nine step process for setting and achieving goals – mapping out the starting point, setting powerful goals, creating a vision, addressing your pre-programming, assembling a supportive team, taking action, handling turbulent situations, maintaining a positive attitude, and celebrating the achievement of your Power Goals.

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So what exactly is a Power Goal?

Power Goals are…

… life-changing goals that test your resolve, stretch the limits of your comfort zone, and lead you to a whole new level of living.

It’s a transformative tool for success.

When you see what “Power Goals” are all about, you’ll understand why they could finally be the answer to most (maybe even ALL) of the challenges you face.

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Why is Power Goals Academy so unique? 

Most goal-setting systems miss 3 super important parts:

So, are you ready to make this happen?

If you have ever felt like you’re capable of more, but not sure how to get from here to there – then you are in the right place. 

It’s time for you to experience the magic of living your full potential. 

There is no better time to get started. 

Power Goals Academy opens for registration twice a year. Add your name to the early bird list, so you don’t miss the opportunity to join.

“Make life happen FOR you, rather than TO you”

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What My Achievers Say

  • Bob Proctor, New York Times Bestselling Author, Chairman at Proctor Gallagher Institute, featured teacher in “The Secret”

    I want to congratulate you for making the wise decision of getting involved in Christina’s program. She is an experienced leader and a great career and personal development coach. Pay close attention to the clear, easy to understand nine-step process she has outlined for you to follow.  One committed decision will turn Power Goals into the vehicle that can totally transform your life. Happiness, health and prosperity will flow to you with constant regularity by following the Power Goals setting and achieving instructions you are about to be introduced to.

  • Christiane Northrup, M.D, New York Times Bestselling Author

    “I have set goals for myself for many, many years so I know how powerful they are. May this program set you on your own powerful path to getting in the driver’s seat of your own life and your own power to live the life of yor dreams.”

  • Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author, Online Marketing Expert

    ”Power Goals Academy is the most complete guide to goal achievement available today! Christina has capsulated decades of knowledge and experience and she is sharing it with you in a structured and easily comprehensive process. Study every word of this and watch your life transform in a positive way.”

  • Stephan Stavrakis, Positioning Strategist, 3dthinking

    “Christina, you are an amazing woman: you model, mentor and motivate; you show respect, you make people reflect and encourage them to take up responsibility; you communicate, collaborate and co-operate, you educate the head, the heart and the hands (knowing, emoting, willing); you develop people’s self-esteem, self-awareness and self confidence and you encourage them through your ‘one minute inspiration’ to have patience, perseverance and a positive attitude. Congratulations!”


  • Annika Vainio, Managing Director

    “What makes me happy and what do I really want to achieve? The most important and difficult questions! The Power Goals process was for me a practical and easy way to get focus on what I really want. After this, achieving the goals were empowering and fun.  It’s lovely to work with Christina, who genuinely wants to help people to free their potential and achieve their goals. Christina is also very credible, since she “Walks the talk” She has done it herself! I highly recommend anyone who wants to achieve life-changing goals to take a leap of faith and work with her.”

  • Evelyn R. Brooks

    “If you’ve been struggling with your business or personal goals, I highly recommend Power Goals!”. Setting goals is a skill that is teachable, and Christina Skytt does a beautiful job of taking us through the process from start to finish.”

  • Kathy Colaiacovo, Online Marketing & Social Media Strategist

    “One of the things I struggle with is using goals to see success. Power Goals Academy is very clear on how to incorporate goals and especially power goals into my business. Great program with good examples of others’ success.”

  • Ihrén Abrahamsson, Entrepreneur, Bestselling author

    “Christina has definitely cracked the code in showing people how to get it done in a simple way. Make sure to get started with Power Goals Academy ASAP!”

  • Lauri Flaquer, Entrepreneur, Canfield Trainer

    “Christina has rocked it hard with Power Goals. There’s so much confusion out there about goal-setting. Her program clears it all up nicely. Focus is the name of the game. Power Goals helps you get the focus you need to make things happen. I love Power Goals Academy and I want to share it with everyone. Thank you, Christina.”

  • Carrie Greschner, Entrepreneur

    “With Power Goals Academy you will open the floodgates of success when you begin achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations in both your professional and personal life. I know from experience this is true.”

  • Sawan Kapoor, CEO

    “What I loved about Christina’s program most was how it was delivered, her communication skills are honed to perfection. She does a brilliant job of balancing empathy and tough love, all aimed at bringing you actionable insight to immediately impact and sustain the development of your life. Her Power Goals and mapping process are a solid motivator, that continually re-enforces one’s commitment to planning and executing a superior plan of action.”

  • Leif Engdahl, CEO

    “Christina helped me to set 3 powerful Power Goals, getting new perspectives, teaching me how to see possibilities in everything and I have now created great success in all areas of my life. It has truly been a fantastic journey of personal development.”

  • S.V. Deshpande, CEO

    “We were having lots of financial problems and I used to blame the late payments on my customers and colleagues. By practicing the points made by you, I took control and made myself responsible. The situation changed dramatically! The payments have come down to 15 days – from 400 days on average. What a relief to all of us !!! Books like yours, give us the opportunity to look back and evaluate ourselves! It does the trick! Please keep writing & continue with your 1 Minute Inspiration.”

  • Jennifer Colford, International Bestselling Author and Coach

    “Power Goals are powerful! Christina has really nailed it here as she combines success principles from the greatest thinkers of all time with personal experience. No matter how much you think you know about goal setting and achieving, you will learn lots from her program.”

  • Thomas C. Corley, Bestselling Author, Professional Speaker

    “Christina touches upon some things that I believe are particularly critical to success, such as habits, behaviors and choices.  She helps drive home the importance of gaining clarity over your goals and distinguishing between a wish and a goal. This is not just for adults. High School and college students will find these quick and easy lessons on goal-setting helpful in planning out their lives, too.”

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