Get Crystal Clear on What You Want

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A Power Goal will nail what you really want, and by defining your Power Goal and setting these goals you will most likely get to your destination.

The Power Goals process I developed is a formula that not only helps you find where you want to go, but also helps you get to where you want to go.

live the life of your dreams

The Power Goals process is a process for self-development, based upon three areas: awareness, acceptance and action. These areas include all of the steps a person needs to go through in order to get to a new level in life, to operate on a new vibration.


Awareness is recognizing that you need and want a change of your current situation in order to move to a new position in life. It includes a realistic life overview in order to be able to make desired changes. Awareness includes the definition of the starting point, the analysis of your daily routine since habits keep you in your current state, recognition that you must take responsibility for your life, and the fact that your choices create your future. When you have created awareness around all of the above, then your powerful Power Goals can be set.


Recognizing that a change will “cost” you a lot, both habits and money, but still you’re willing to accept it and move forward. It may feel like a sacrifice to let go of old paradigms, change your routines, act differently around money or family, etc. Despite this you decide that you want to move forward and accept the “cost” it involves.


Ideas or goals without action is nothing! You need an action plan and activities to achieve your Power Goals. This is when the hard work begins and self-discipline is crucial. Turbulence will be expected and positive attitude is of the utmost importance. Stay with the feeling of “I can reach it.”

An additional step needed is to be open to receiving. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for. Being appreciative of everything that you already have will open you up to receive even more abundance.

Try making these three steps part of your goal setting process and see what a difference it makes. If you haven’t already, check out my book, “Power Goals: 9 Clear Steps to Achieving Life-Changing Goals”, you can find it here.


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